DOA Working to Finalize Distribution of SelectCare Rebate to GovGuam Employees


Guam – The Governor’s office Friday released the following statement from the Department of Administration [DOA] regarding the health insurance rebates that GovGuam employees will be getting.


SelectCare has already issued its $8.2 million dollar rebate to GovGuam. 

According to the release, DOA is now trying to work out just how much individual GovGuam employees should be rebated.

READ the release in FULL below:

Health Insurance Rebate from Calvo’s Select Care

In accordance with the Affordable Care Act, the Government of Guam and all respective branches, departments and agencies, including autonomous, are entitled to a rebate of health and dental insurance premiums related to calendar year 2011.

Employees of the Government of Guam may have received a letter from Calvo’s Select Care and Tokio Marine Pacific informing them of the health insurance premium refund and the options the Government of Guam can take regarding the insurance refund.  It has been the Governor and this administration’s mission to get the people the money they work hard for and this is no exception.  As such, the Government will process cash refunds to the subscribers of the medical and dental insurance, based on guidance obtained from the US Department of Labor Technical Release No. 2011-04.

The Department of Administration (DOA) is working expeditiously to reconcile the individual subscriber records with the records of Select Care, to finalize and process the rebate to the individual employees that qualify.  Although DOA has received the rebate from Calvo’s Select Care and has deposited such into a separate bank account, DOA does not have the details as to the individual amounts that will be rebated to each employee and must reconcile such amounts prior to any pay out.

Upon finalization, DOA will notify the Government employees when to expect their rebate checks.

We appreciate your patience and consideration during this time.