Health officials remain confident coronavirus prevention measures are working


The decision to postpone the reopening comes despite the optimistic outlook shared by some public health officials who remain confident that the restrictions imposed to date have been working.

Dr. Janna Manglona is the Medical Director at Public Health.

She said whenever the island reopens for tourism, we shouldn’t be overly concerned as long as we continue to follow the current social distancing rules.

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“Anxiety? No. If you do what you’re supposed to do, your anxiety should be less. Even if it’s just small little increments, I’m excited for it,” said Dr. Janna Manglona about the re-opening. “It’s a challenge, but I think Guam is ready for it. I think the people have shown that they’re going to do what they can to protect themselves and others,” she said.

Annette Aguon, the administrator for Bureau Disease Control, is equally optimistic.

She pointed to the Andersen AFB Air National Guard unit, 35 of whom have tested positive for Covid-19. Even though they violated protocol and went to 30 different businesses, there have been no new cases from that breach she said.

She credits the businesses and the public for wearing facemasks and following social distancing restrictions.

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“Those measures that these establishments have implemented is part of the reason why we’re not seeing this big spike. Because they’re doing their part. Again, let’s not let our guard go down. Everybody has to do their part,” Aguon said.

Both public health officials emphasized the key to any re-opening of the island is to follow the rules — wear your facemask, keep a six-foot distance, and wash your hands frequently.