Healthcare leaders meet to discuss sharing resources


Guam – Guam’s healthcare leaders held their quarterly healthcare partnership meeting last week.

The partnership brings together the island’s healthcare leaders, with teams from the Guam Memorial Hospital, the Guam Regional Medical City, Naval Hospital, and the 36th Med Group from Andersen Air Force Base present.

The goal of the healthcare leadership is to find ways for the four groups to work together in times of disaster, as well as how they can share resources.

One such example they gave was when a Naval Hospital patient was too ill to fly and the child “couldn’t be safely airlifted” to another DOD Military Treatment Facility. Naval Hospital reached out to GRMC who accepted the patient and performed the life-saving procedure.

“We are one community, one Guam, and we share the same patients,” said Healthcare Leadership President and Chief Operating Officer and State Surgeon for the Guam Army National Guard, Dr. Michael Cruz.

He also stressed the importance for the healthcare community to share ideas, resources and to communicate with each other.