Heavy Tree Limb Falls Next to School Bus Stop


Guam – A heavy tree limb fell several feet from a school bus stop in Agat Thursday. This comes nearly two months after a woman was struck and killed by a branch while watching the liberation day parade

A large tree with a branch weighing easily over one thousand pounds fell next to a school bus stop shortly after the children were picked up for school.  A resident from Agat, David Herrera says , he was at the intersection near Route 2 and 12 at around 6:15 in the morning. He had stopped his vehicle to wait for the children to board the school bus.

Herrera says, “At that moment, I heard a big snap and the trunk fell about eight to 12 feet from my vehicle and it hit right next to the bus station and safety rail.”

According to Herrera the dozen elementary school children who were at the bus station were very lucky. He could only wonder what would have happened if the branch had fallen while they were standing there.

Herrera says, “If someone was under that branch, there would have been a personal injury and perhaps death to the little ones with that size of trunk.”

After the incident, he was immediately concerned about the children and tried to contact the proper authorities, but felt like he was getting the run around.
Herrera called the traffic safety operation at DPW, then was told to call the traffic maintenance, the people there told him to call DOE because it was related to DOE. That is when Herrera decided to see who was the Chair of Public Works and then he contacted Senator Tom Ada.

According to Senator Tom Ada this incident immediately reminded him of the freak accident at the Liberation Day Parade.

Ada says just this past July 21st, a very similar incident occurred, a very large branch broke off from a tree and killed an individual. We were very lucky no one got hurt this time.

Ada also states this is an urgent situation. On Friday morning Ada wrote a letter to the Department of Public Works to consult with the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Parks and Recreation about the vegetation that may exist near the bus stops, in particular tree branches that may be hanging over head. He would the agencies to determine if there are possible hazards associated to these things, and to look at all treesnear those areas to make sure they are not rotting out.

Ada would also like to see DPW come up with a plan and time line to remove potential hazards that have been identified around the island.  In addition, Ada sent an email the DOE Superintendent Dr. Nerissa Underwood to inform the community and their children to be aware of the potential hazards of large tree branches that may be over head.  Ada hopes to hear from DPW soon. DPW Director Andy Leon Guerrero is currently off island and DPW Deputy Director Jesse Garcia says he has not received a copy of Ada’s letter.