Held up GMH board nominations are now scheduled for confirmation hearings


Guam – The confirmation hearings for two Guam Memorial Hospital board members has finally been scheduled after the governor’s office called out Health Committee oversight chairman Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr. for holding up their nominations in committee.

The issue came to light after the Joint Commission cited the Guam Memorial Hospital’s board for failing to meet since July of last year. This was among the many other leadership issues cited in the controversial Joint Commission inspection report that was issued to GMH on January 19 and later obtained by PNC.

Earlier this week, following the tumultuous quarreling between GMH administrators and senators, Adelup issued a release blaming Sen. Rodriguez for failing to schedule the confirmation hearings of two appointed members to the GMH board.

“Look at the dates the nominees’ packets were submitted. If senators had acted on them when they were submitted, we would have had a board of seven trustees and it wouldn’t have been an issue raised by the Joint Commission,” said GMH Administrator PeterJohn Camacho. “Instead they continue to stall the nomination process, further putting GMH at risk. And then they call the hardworking people at GMH ‘liars’ and ‘drug addicts.’”

Camacho has stated that a lack of quorum is one of the reasons the board has not met. There are currently five members on the Board of Trustees and the minimum number of trustees needed to meet quorum is five.

Senator Rodriguez, on News Talk K57 accepted responsibility for failing to schedule the confirmation hearings, however, he also pointed out that if the board meetings were that important to GMH, all he needed was a simple reminder.

The confirmation hearings were scheduled shortly after Adelup issued it’s release. The hearings for Dr. Hieu Campus and Sonia Siliang have been scheduled for Feb. 14 at 3:30 p.m.