Helpme Roby Guilty on All Charges


Helpme Roby was found guilty on 11 charges of criminal sexual conduct in the Dededo gang rape case.

Guam – It was unanimous. Jurors this afternoon found Helpme Roby guilty of all charges in the Santa Ana gang rape case.

Eleven charges that include first degree, second degree and third degree criminal sexual conduct and it was guilty across the board. The 12 member jury, 6 men and 6 women, unanimously agreed that Helpme Roby raped two minors, one aged 15 and the other only 11 years old at the time.

20-year-old Roby was convicted of forcing the girls to drink vodka then repeatedly raping the two in a jungle area outside the Santa Ana subdivision in Dededo. Defense Attorney Terrence Timblin expressed disappointment at today’s verdict.

“Obviously we are disappointed. We thought there were quite a few holes in the case and reasonable doubt, but the jury thought otherwise and that’s pretty much, that’s who counts,” Timblin said. “We’ll be asking for the minimum 15, which is what the co-defendants already have in their plea agreements and we feel that [Roby] should not be punished for exercising his right to go to trial and having his guilt determined by a jury.”

Prosecutor Elizabeth Vasiliades, on the other hand, was satisfied with the jury’s decision. Four other defendants in the case had already pleaded guilty. Roby was the only one who chose to go to trial.

“We’re very happy, we’re very pleased. We believe that justice was served,” she said.

 Roby is scheduled to be sentenced on January 28 at 9 am. He faces a minimum of 15 years to life in prison.




November 19, 2014-Tamuning, Guam – Helpme Roby was convicted today of all charges brought 

forth against him after a Superior Court Jury deliberated for a day and half. He was convicted of 5 

counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct as a first degree felony, 2 counts of second degree 

criminal sexual conduct as a first degree felony, and 4 counts of third degree criminal sexual 

conduct as a second degree felony.

About a year ago, in the area of Santa Ana, Dededo, a group of young men forced their two young 

victims to drink alcohol, forced them into having sex, and tried to force them to keep their secret. 

Instead, the older victim went to Guam Police Officers and gave an account of the atrocious event.

The older victim, who was 15 years-old at the time, was walking by when she noticed one of the 

defendants on top of the 11 year-old victim, sexually assaulting her.  The other defendants were 

lined up behind him, waiting to take their turn. The predators, who were a part of a gang called 

“Monstar Gang,” were taking turns engaging in sexual acts with the helpless and severely 

intoxicated victim. The 15 year-old victim called out to the boys and admonished them. One of them 

punched her in the face, and she blacked out.  The next thing she remembered, she was being 

interviewed at the police station. 

Responding officers found the 11 year-old victim lying in the fetal position in a ponding basin 

surrounded by trash. She had scratches and cuts on her knees and elbows, sticker burrs were stuck 

in her hair, and she had a bump on her forehead. Officers carried the young girl out and brought her 

to the police station. Both girls complained of pain in the genital area. They were taken to Healing 

Hearts where they were examined and treated. 

“I’d like to thank the Dededo Precinct Guam Police Officers, specifically, Police Office II Jerry Santos  

who took the confession of the defendant Helpme Roby and who provided invaluable testimony 

during the trial,” said AAG Liz Vasiliades. 

He faces fifteen years to life imprisonment for each of the first degree criminal sexual conduct 

charges; 3 to fifteen years for each of the second degree convictions, and 1 to 8 years for the third 

degree convictions.

“This case is another example of the courage young girls who come forward with tthe strength to 

stand up against not one, but all five of their perpetrators,” said Attorney General Leonardo M. 


AAG Vasiliades will seek the maximum years of imprisonment at the Department of Corrections for 



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