Here’s What’s Going on With Some GovGuam Agencies


Guam Power Authority says to call them in case of downed power lines.

Guam – The Government of Guam has been busy making preparations ahead of Typhoon Dolphin. All of GovGuam will be closed tomorrow.

Governor Eddie Calvo is encouraging all residents to stay indoors tomorrow as Typhoon Dolphin is expected to pass over Guam. All DOE schools will be closed, the Judiciary of Guam as well as the Guam Power and Guam Waterworks Authority, except for their emergency dispatch, will also be closed. GWA Spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf tell us that while they expect intermittent power outages, restoration should be quicker than it has been in the past.


“What we do wanna ask the public is to call the numbers, our dispatch numbers, especially when it comes to power. If they see a downed line which is dangerous, we’re not gonna send our crew out there until the storm goes, but we wanna know of course where these are so certainly call us for that. But if your power goes out or even your water goes out trust that we will get to it as soon as we can get to it. Especially we don’t want phone lines being tied up by saying when is the power gonna come back on,” explains Ballendorf.

Ballendorf explains that unlike in previous storms, GWA wells will be on standby generators in case of a power outage, so she expects that water outages should not be an issue. For residents who plan to put their personal generators on standby,

“You need to turn off your main breaker at your house before you turn on your generator so that’s really important. And then you wanna make sure the home is very ventilated because there is the danger of if it’s all closed up the carbon monoxide,” says Ballendorf.

Meanwhile, Judiciary of Guam Administrator Joshua Tenorio says the courthouse will be closed for business tomorrow.

“The courts will be closed and any matters that were scheduled will be rescheduled till next week or another date, something appropriate. People can call in probably on Monday assuming that we’re gonna be operating at normal levels to find out what those dates will be. So if anything is due for filing tomorrow as customary will be accepted the next day that we’re open,” says Tenorio.

Over at the Guam Memorial Hospital, Spokesperson June Perez says expectant moms who are at least 36 weeks pregnant and all women who are high risk and more than 6 months pregnant are asked to check in at GMH beginning at 8 o’clock tonight. Perez reminds these mothers that there is limited space available at the hospital so no escorts will be allowed to accompany the pregnant mothers. You are allowed to bring personal toiletries and snacks, but linens like blankets and pillows will be provided.


The numbers to call for GPA’s emergency dispatch are 475-1472, 1473 or 1474.