High profile DOC contraband case to go to trial in May

Department of Corrections (PNC file photo)

Guam – There are several developments in the Department of Corrections prison contraband conspiracy case leaving three out of the dozen individuals implicated to stand trial in May.

4 have taken plea deals, three more are anticipated to accept government offers, that leaves three to stand trial in the high profile prison contraband conspiracy case.

It was indicated in court that Shawn Paul Johnson and Jerome San Nicolas are working on a deal with the government. Meanwhile, Edward Crisostimo has plead guilty in federal court to charges related to the case, now the local government is offering a plea deal which will be rolled into Crisostimo’s federal plea deal.

As for Lian Cabrera she has been on the run since the day she was released on pre-trial conditions, but has apparently reached out to the Attorney General’s office through an unsolicited email.

“She is aware of the court proceedings however, she may not be in the jurisdiction of Guam,” stated prosecutor James Collins.

Out of the three individuals headed to trial Frankie Rosalin’s attorney Anthony Perez has motioned for discovery. He is asking for all discovery related to cooperating witness statements, plea agreements entered by co-defendants, police reports and all other reports of defendants in the case, and information regarding evidence collected through cell phones confiscated in the case.

Further proceedings set for January 23rd.

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