High speed police chase ends in fatal crash

(Image taken from video provided by nearby homeowner)

A high-speed police chase ended in tragedy last night as the motorcycle being chased collided head-on with another vehicle.

Police say they first witnessed the motorcyclist driving recklessly by Asan Beach park shortly before 10 p.m.

The motorcycle was traveling north on Route 1 Marine Corps Drive. While authorities do not indicate when they attempted to make a traffic stop, Sgt. Paul Tapao, Guam Police Department spokesman, says that neighboring precincts including officers from the Guam Airport Police provided assistance in effecting a traffic stop as the motorcyclist entered Sunset Blvd in Tiyan.

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But as the unidentified male continued to run from authorities, his motorcycling crashed head-on with an oncoming vehicle.

The crash was caught on surveillance footage by a homeowner on Sunset Blvd. PNC spoke with the homeowner who shared footage of the crash with the Pacific News Center but has asked to remain anonymous.

“We got the call a little after 10. We came home and police had already barricaded the roads so we had a hard time coming in. But when they did allow us to come in, we saw there was the rider of the motorcycle on the pavement lifeless and then a car that was in the airport fence. They weren’t letting anybody through. It looked like the motorcycle went on a head-on collision with the car,” the homeowner said.

When the collision occurred, the motorcyclist was ejected from a bike described by the homeowner as being a white Honda CBR. According to the homeowner, the impact was so great that the motorcyclist’s helmet was seen about a hundred feet from where the man was laying on the ground.

“When they allowed me to drive our vehicle home, I passed his helmet like two poles down. And so that’s like an indication of how… yeah he was going pretty quick,” the homeowner said.

The homeowner, who is also a motorcycle enthusiast, told PNC as he was reviewing his surveillance footage he was disturbed.

“When the bike hit the car, the police, in seconds, stopped. This showed that they were right behind him. They came out with guns drawn and when I guess they noticed he was not in any condition to fight back, that’s it, it was over. But the part that was kind of disturbing is that not one person checked to see if the motorcyclist had a pulse. Nobody touched his body for a very long time,” the homeowner said.

The traffic fatality has the homeowner concerned and hopeful that authorities will learn from this incident.

“Once you’re in this street there is no other option besides coming out from Cars Plus or coming out through the airport so there is really no reason why they had to chase him through this road at that speed. They could’ve cut and gone ahead,” the homeowner said.

“In my opinion, they didn’t have to chase him as they did. They only provoked him to go faster and it could have caused a lot more issues. The driver of the car could have been really hurt. There are a lot of people who walk on this road. I know they have other ways of tracking down people that they are trying to catch and that way doesn’t work. Not everybody pulls over,” the homeowner added.