High Turbidity At Ugum; GWA Asks Southern Residents to Conserve


The Guam Waterworks Authority is requesting that some southern residents conserve water.


Guam – GWA issued a press release asking residents of the villages of Talofofo, Ipan, Malojloj, Inarajan, Merizo and Umatac to conserve water. Earlier today, GWA spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf says the Ugum plant is currently generating 1,400 gallons a minute while consumption is at 700 gallons a minute. Ballendorf says that at about midnight last night, due to a flash flood, the Ugum plant had to stop producing water.// however, Ballendorf says at the time the plant shut down, the reservoirs were full and the tanks had water. She says this, along with conservation efforts by southern residents is the reason why no one ran out of water down south. Just this past Friday, problems with turbidity at the Ugum water treatment plant caused prolonged water outages in Merizo and Inarajan. Ballendorf 


“Well when you have this high of rains, this much rain this past rain, just a few weeks ago we got 8 inches in such a short amount of time, the plant is not built to process so much water so quickly, having said that i’m sure the engineers are working on a fix because we know we’re going to have more storms in the next couple months,” said Ballendorf



Ballendorf addressed the water outage in Yona last night. She says that a portion of Yona, maybe 20 homes, had low to no water pressure this morning. She says the issue should be resolved, however, if any residents of Yona or any residents down south are still experiencing water issues, Ballendorf says to call 646-4211 or check out GWA’s Facebook page.