Higher Customs Passenger Service Fee at Airport in Effect; From $6.36 to $8.29 per Passenger Now


Guam –  The Committee on Guam U.S. Military Relocation, Homeland Security, Veterans’ Affairs, and the Judiciary notified the Guam Customs & Quarantine Agency, THURSDAY, that their proposed adjustment of air passenger service fees for air carrier operations at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport is now in effect. 

The notification came as a result of the Administrative Adjudication Act (AAA) process that requires 90 days upon which the proposed adjustment must undergo legislative review and approval before it can become effective. The Committee had received the proposed adjusted fees from the customs agency on May 1, 2013.

“The Committee had reviewed the fees and the proposed adjustment addresses the annual rental payment for the facility at the airport which is approximately $3 million per year,” said Sen. Frank Aguon, Jr., committee chairman. “It also addresses the ongoing recruitment of customs officers to start with 20 individuals this fiscal year and 20 additional individuals next fiscal year. Some proceeds will also be used to procure necessary equipment as well as to improve the baggage handling area within the customs zone.”

In a letter sent to Customs’ Director Pedro Leon Guerrero, Sen. Aguon wrote, “In accordance with the AAA process, effective today the Customs User Fee is hereby adjusted to reflect the increase from $6.36 to $8.29 per passenger.”

According to the agency, the Customs User Fee has not been adjusted since 1998. The implementation of the fee increase would allow the agency a method of being self-reliant. The fee is charged to air carriers arriving on Guam via the airport,

“I encourage the Customs & Quarantine Agency to work closely with the airline partners of the Guam International Airport in the effective implementation of these fees,” Sen. Aguon concluded.