Highlights of the Gov’s state of the island address

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

(Press Release) – Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero will be making her first State of the Island Address at 6:30 p.m., which will highlight her first 100 days since taking office in January.

Tonight, the Governor’s State of the Island address will focus on the following:

Public Safety
· Efforts of the administration to make the island safer;
· Funding to hire more public safety officers at the Guam Police Department, Customs and Quarantine Agency, and Department of Corrections;
· Update on the Central Police Precinct in Sinajana.

· Passage of the adult-use cannabis bill into law and commitment to fulfill requirements needed to regulate the cannabis industry;
· Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services granting rebase adjustment to Guam Memorial Hospital, infusing over $6 million into the hospital annually;
· Guam Behavioral Health and Wellness Center’s significant progress in taking the first step in opening a drug and substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation facility.

· School Safety Partnership Program with GDOE;
· Simon Sanchez High School renovations;
· Initiatives at the University of Guam and Guam Community College;
· Announcement on the aquaculture initiative.

Financial Stability
· GovGuam’s fiscal discipline team;
· Maintaining a daily report of Government’s cash flow;
· Update on revenue projections.

Tax Refunds
· Update on tax refunds

Unfunded Federal Mandates
· Partnership with Hawaii’s Gov. Ige to update reporting methodology of Compact Impact costs;
· Identification of $1.4 billion in Compact-Impact costs incurred from fiscal years 2004 to 2018;
· Equitable funding of the Earned Income Tax Credits by the federal government;
· Equitable treatment for Guam and other territories with regard to Medicaid funding.

Economic Prosperity
· Initiatives at the Guam International Airport, Port Authority of Guam, Guam Economic Development Authority.

· Update on Guam’s unemployment rate;
· Overcoming challenges with regard to H-2B visa approvals;
· Military buildup issues;

Affordable Housing
· Affordable housing projects and developments;
· Assistance to first time homeowners.

· Education and outreach campaigns on the island’s political status options.

War Reparations
· Commitment to ensuring our manamko’ are finally paid the reparations they are owed under the Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act.

Veterans Affairs
· Initiatives at Guam Veterans Affair Office.