Hilton Employee Arrested for Stealing $20K from “House Funds”


Guam – A Hilton Resort Guam employee has been arrested after a supervisor accused her of stealing over $20,000 from the hotel’s “house funds.”

Lerma Liwanag David, 34, was charged with theft of property held in trust as a second degree felony. According to the magistrate’s report, David was the General Cashier and had access to Hilton’s house funds.

The complaint states that David admitted to the hotel’s Human Resource Director that she took the funds but intended to replace it before anyone could notice. David reportedly told the HR director that she needed the money for her husband in the Philippines whose life was being threatened if he didn’t produce the funds.

When police interviewed David, the complaint states that she confessed that she made up the story and she stole the money on June 21 to pay for bills.

According to a random audit conducted by the hotel, the total amount missing was $20,565.97.