Hisamoto: “Marati Overstepped Again” – Mayors Did Not Vote to Recommend “No” on For-Profit Bingo


Guam – Guam Japan Friendship Village representative Takami Hisamoto has issued a statement critical of “Keep Guam Good” spokeswoman Jackie Marati.

In his statement Hisamoto accuses Marati of overstepping “in declaring the opposition of Village Mayors to Proposition A” the for-profit Bingo initiative.”  [see statement 1 below].

Sinajana Vice-Mayor Robert Hofman acknowledges that no formal vote was taken, but he said that all but one Mayor agreed to a statement opposing the initiative.  That Mayor was Asan-Maina Mayor Benny San Nicolas who said he supports Prop “A” and as a result his name is not listed on the statement from the other Mayors and Vice-Mayors [see statement 2 below]. Hofmann also says Talofofo Mayor Ben Taitague did not return calls and had no response.

1. READ the statement from Guam-Japan Friendship Village below:

Guam Japan Friendship Village
Reacts to Mayors Oppose Prop A in recent media articles
Re:         Statement Release by the Guam Japan Friendship Village

Guam Village Mayors did not meet and did not vote to oppose Prop A.

Guam banker/conservative activist Jackie Marati overstepped again today in declaring the opposition of Village Mayors to Proposition A, the Guam Japan Friendship Village initiative to authorize for-profit bingo at its proposed bingo hall on the island.

Apparently, Marati attempted to convince Village Mayors to oppose Prop A but won over few if  any Mayors before announcing that she had convinced them all to oppose Prop A.

This is not Marati’s first attempt sway public opinion against Prop A, but time is running out on her latest crusade to deny unemployed Guam workers and their families the right to work and make a good life for their futures.

This project, when approved by the voters, will become the first important step for workers to take control of their future by denying island bankers and other elitists the ability to place the heel of their boot on the throats of Guam citizens.

Vote for yourself and your families this time.  Vote YES for Proposition A!


Mr. Hisamoto
Guam Japan Friendship Village Staff

2. READ the statement issued by the Mayor’s below:


November 4, 2012 Hagatna, Guam.  After hosting several village meetings regarding the Guam Japan Friendship Village’ proposal for “For-Profit Bingo”, the Guam Mayors and Vice Mayors have voiced their opposition on Prop A.

Chalan Pago Ordot Mayor Jessy Gogue adds “Whether you are “in favor of” or “against” the idea of allowing another Bingo Facility to be opened on Guam, what you are casting your “Vote” on is more than just a law that will allow a “For Profit Bingo”.  Your Vote will determine the implementation of a new law that our people did not provide input on before it was turned in to the Guam Election Commission; and, which cannot be amended by our Legislature for another two years.”

Mayor Gogue continues “If a company such as the Guam Japan Friendship Village believed that their idea was good for Guam they would have brought it to the People and gathered our input surrounding their newly proposed law instead of “paying” for the signatures to those who circulated and signed their petition.”

“This initiative is fundamentally flawed and the issues and concerns raised by the Committee to Keep Guam Good are valid.  We stand with the Democratic Party of Guam, the Republican Party of Guam, and the Guam Chinese Chamber of Commerce in voting NO.”  Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares adds

We Mayors and Vice Mayors of Guam oppose Proposal A – The For Profit Bingo Initiative – and we call upon our all village constituents, friends and supporters to vote against Proposal A.


Mayor Paul M. McDonald, Agana Heights
Mayor Carol S. Tayama, Agat
Mayor Jessie B. Palican, Barrigada
Mayor Jessy C. Gogue, Chalan Pago Ordot
Mayor Melissa B. Savares, Dededo
Mayor John A. Cruz, Hagatna
Mayor Franklin M. Taitague, Inarajan
Mayor Nonito C. Blas, Mangilao
Mayor Ernest T. Chagualaf, Merizo
Mayor Andrew “Andy” Villagomez, Mongmong Toto Maite
Mayor Vicente D. Gumataotao, Piti
Mayor Dale E. Alvarez, Santa Rita
Mayor Roke B. Blas, Sinajana
Mayor Francisco C. Blas, Tamuning, Tumon, Harmon
Mayor Dean D. Sanchez, Umatac
Mayor Robert S. Lizama, Yigo
Mayor Jose “Pedo” T. Terlaje, Yona

Vice Mayor Agustin Quintanilla, Agat
Vice Mayor June U. Blas, Barrigada Vice Mayor Vice Mayor A. “Peter Daigo” A. Benavente, Dededo
Vice Mayor Allan R.G. Ungacta, Mangilao
Vice Mayor Robert RDC Hofmann, Sinajana  
Vice Mayor Louise C. Rivera, Tamuning Tumon Harmon
Vice Mayor Ronald “Ron” J. Flores, Yigo