Historic Spanish ship headed to Cebu after departing Guam

The Juan Sebastián de Elcano (US Navy photo)

As part of Spain’s 500th-year commemoration of its Magellan-Elcano Expedition, its naval training vessel, the Juan Sebastián de Elcano, has been retracing the charted course of the first recorded circumnavigation of the world.

After its historic arrival last Friday and several days in Guam’s waters, the ship will continue its journey, en route to Cebu, Philippines.

As it departs the waters of Guam and the Mariåna Islands, the ship sailed past Humåtak Bay, as a symbolic and commemorative nod to the shared history of the CHamoru and Spanish people.

The Juan Sebastián de Elcano’s passing of Humåtak further recognizes the village’s role in preserving the oral history of the CHamoru people and showcasing this historic encounter.