Historic Trust Says ROD’s Fine Print Indicates Pagat May Still End Up As The Preferred Site


Guam – The National Trust for Historic Preservation is pessimistic about the odds that the Department of Defense will find another location for its firng range complex.

In a release today [Friday] the Trust says that they we’re “initially relieved to learn that the Defense Department would defer” a final decision on the location for the firing range.

But the Director of the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Western Office in San Francisco, Dr. Anthea Hartig, is quoted in the release as saying that “the fine print of the Record of Decision strongly suggests that DoD will not reconsider its primary decision, which is to site the firing range complex directly above Pågat Village.”

This past May, Pagat was placed on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.

Last Friday, September 17,  National Trust President Stephanie Meeks sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates urging the Department to consider alternative locations for the proposed firing range complex.

She stressed the Guam legislature’s recent unanimous resolution stating that the historic value and cultural significance of Pågat Village must be preserved.