HMAT and GMH Task Force. Why Do We Have 2 Different GMH Advisory Teams?


Both the HMAT and the GMH Task Force have the same goal in mind: to end the financial crisis at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Guam – With the Guam Memorial Hospital in crisis mode, there are currently two different government advisory teams finding solutions for the hospital’s financial problems–there’s the governor’s Hospital Management Advisory Team or HMAT, and the Healthcare Committee’s GMH Task Force.



But do we really need two teams? We spoke with both to find out.

Before Governor Eddie Calvo empaneled the HMAT by executive order late last year, Health Committee Chairman Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr.’s GMH Task Force was already in the process of coming up with long-terms solutions into GMH’s financial crisis.

Two separate teams, but in the end, both have the same goal.

Wil Castro is a member of Governor Calvo’s HMAT, which meets with GMH management twice a week. Castro says HMAT’s report is about 80 percent complete.


“If I had to summarize the fundamental difference between the task force report and what we’re calling the consolidated report, the task force report does an excellent external scan of the healthcare industry. It also looks at the hospital ssituation in relative comparison to other hospitals. What the HMAT report does is if I could visualize it it would be looking from the neck down. So we’re doing an internal examination of the processes of policies and procedures of the hospital,” explains Castro. 

Castro says both reports have similar findings.


“There are areas of intersection so what that tells me, there are certain truths, if you wanna call it, where the data is revealing,” he notes. “I think if any one person was to sit down and read both reports you would see that they do complement each other.”

In fact, both Castro and Senator Rodriguez say there’s a possibility that the two teams could work together. Rodriguez’s Task Force report was completed at the beginning of the year and has already been made public.

“I’m sure that what they’ve looked at and their future report when it comes out, we’re all gonna be able to use this now and move in a direction that really gives us that long term approach,” says Rodriguez.


Castro notes that the HMAT consolidated report will have four broad categories: cost containment, cost cutting, internal revenue enhancement strategies and external financing options.

When the report is complete, it will be then be transmitted to Governor Calvo.

We asked Senator Rodriguez if he thinks there’s a possibility of the two teams coming together as one entity to try and solve the same problem.

“Absolutely,” he says. “To me, my bottom line and my only priority is finding a solution that would give us a long term solution to GMH.”