Holi Festival of colors to spread peace and love


Guam – The Holi Festival of colors is coming to Guam this weekend at the Guam Greyhound Park and we spoke with the festival organizers to find out what this ancient celebration is all about.

“The Holi Festival is an ancient Indian celebration that has now taken on a modern global response and people are adapting this all over the world. It’s a really fun festival of colors so you can expect a lot of music dance it’s like a concert and everyone’s throwing colored powder everywhere. The inspiration behind the event has a lot to do with peace and love, it’s the coming of spring. It’s kind of an annual, it’s an annual celebration and everyone is just kind of encouraged to have fun forgive and forget we’re all on the same level we’re all equal it’s about peace and just coming together and having a great time,” said Michelle Pier of Creative Indeed.

The Holi festival will have a little bit of something for everyone. During the daytime popular local bands will be playing like Biggah and Bettah, the Kids From Chuuk, a Long Drive Home and the For Peace Band. Then at night, D.J.’s will play electronic dance music or EDM.

“We want to kind of cross over across everything. So, we’re gonna have like live music during the day bands playing then at night we have something for the younger demographic who’s into all the D.J. mixing and EDM style type of music so there’s something for everybody. And then we have off-island talent also coming in to showcase the traditional Indian doldrums, so it’s gonna be a lot of fun a lot of different things for people to enjoy,” said Ed Suarez of One Punch Media.

And even kids are more than welcome to attend.

“We blew up all these activities to make it life size. So now it’s life size water pong, everybody can play, life size billiards so it’s like a soccer game but you’re playing with soccer balls into a billiard pool setting. We got life size bowling. We got Frisbee bowling, we got kick ball bowling, we took a bunch of different games blended them into each other, blew them up to make them life size and then this way as an adult we can be kids again and then yet at the same time kids can play adult games,” said Alter Ego Entertainment’s Ben Schiff.

And be prepared to get covered in powdered dyes.

“I guess the one thing people can really relate to as far as understanding it people have heard a lot about the color runs and stuff we’ve done those here on Guam. So, this kind of this originated out of India so they have a lot of their traditional pigments and stuff like that and so it started that way and as time went on you know they’ve adapted it to modern powders. So, this will be an organic powder so it’s not toxic so you don’t have to worry about it getting on the kids skin and all that,” said Pier adding, “Don’t wear your Sunday best. These are gonna be clothes that you can frame as your Holi Festival outfit that got totally destroyed and turned into a master piece, so we encourage everyone to have fun with it. You’ll get a certain amount of packets when you come in with your tickets and then there will also be more powder there for sale. There’s what like 30 thousand pounds of powder that came in? So, there’s a lot to play with”

The Holi Fest will feature local vendors, arts and crafts, and food. The Holi Fest happens this Saturday April 7th from 3pm until 12 midnight at the Guam Greyhound Park.