Home of most recently confirmed dengue victim to be sprayed

DPHSS said its Epidemiology and Surveillance Team is still investigating whether the confirmed case is locally acquired or imported.

The Department of Public Health and Social Services has just been approved to spray insecticide at the most recently confirmed case’s residence.

According to Public Health Director Linda DeNorcey, the most recent case came from Latte Heights in Mangilao and the agency is currently working on treating the surrounding residents within a 200-meter radius.

To date, there are currently ten local and six imported cases of dengue fever, with the most recent one from Latte Heights in Mangilao.

The agency is also coordinating with the U.S. CDC to have supplies such as nets and repellent products shipped to Guam.

An entomologist and a biologist from the CDC are also on the island to assess the field work conducted by the mosquito surveillance program, which currently has 88 traps set up throughout the island’s high-risk areas to collect specimens for testing.

At this time, no captured mosquito has tested positive for dengue fever.

According to Grace Bordallo, the dengue response’s public information officer, the agency is also working to educate everyone about the disease.

“We have posters, we have brochures. We also do presentations on dengue basics and clinical management by Dr. Thane Hancock. We go to the healthcare providers and let them know what to look out for when they see patients who may have dengue,” she said.

And while the response to the emergence of dengue on Guam has been extensive, DeNorcey encourages everyone to still be cautious and take the steps needed to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites.

“I want the public to know and be aware that we are still at risk and we want to be on our feet and toes to be aware that this isn’t over until we have any more cases,” DeNorcey said.

DeNorcey says that Guam would have to go 40 days without a confirmed case for the island to be determined clear of the disease.