Hong Kong Select Team to Challenge Guam’s Best 18U Ballplayers at Leo Palace Starting August 22


Guam – Guam Amateur Baseball Association and Guam Baseball Academy will be hosting the 1st The 2014 Western Pacific Series is scheduled with the visiting Hong Kong Select Team in the 14-18 year age group. 

Games start Saturday, August 22, through Sunday, August 24th Baseball Academy Teams made up of Guam’s elite players will start their tune-up games on Saturday, August 16 at the Leo Palace Baseball Stadium in preparation to challenge the strong team from Hong Kong.

The Western Pacific Series (WPS) will be an annual winner-take all championship between participating Guam teams our neighbors in the region. The goal and concept of the Guam Teams and visiting Hong Kong Select Team is designed to enhance relationships through friendly, higher level competition. At the same time challenge our best Guam baseball athletes against their baseball peers within the region. Baseball also allows the exchange of cultural experiences, further highlighting the importance of developing opportunities for wholesome, social interactions. The Western Pacific Series is considered an international championship tournament of the Guam Baseball Academy Program.

“Sports and baseball is a great way to create lasting friendships. We are hoping you choose to participate in the 1st Western Pacific Series to not only foster these long lasting relationships, but to also display the best baseball players in the region-the Western Pacific;” says Bill Bennett, lead instructor with Guam Baseball Academy.

“Western Pacific Series is reviving high quality Friendship Baseball and will be one of Guam’s most important youth programs, offering young boys the opportunities to succeed on the field.” “Most importantly, WPS provides its participants with experiences and lessons that go beyond baseball and allow them to grow as individuals. On behalf of Guam Baseball Academy, I congratulate all of the players and coaches and wish them the best of luck in the 2014 Western Pacific Series 18U w/Hong Kong” Coach Bennett said.

Guam Amateur Baseball Association is a nonprofit organization with a focus on developing baseball and fast pitch softball on Guam and the Western Pacific region. GABA enjoyed a successful 2013-14 activity season with multiple leagues, tournaments and clinics for baseball and fast pitch softball players of all ages, with over 250 games of baseball and fast pitch softball that brought out Guam’s young talent.

“There is no denying that high quality youth baseball games create as much drama as one can find anywhere in sports. I am sure all games will be emotionally charged as any baseball game we might witness all year. This type of drama is what will draw Guam baseball fans so passionately to the game and allows us to identify so fervently with our favorite player and team;” says Justin Bennett WPS Tournament Coordinator. This tournament style event will hopefully continue to spark interest in baseball by combining the exuberance of do-or-die baseball games, with the added extra excitement of international competition. While baseball seems to still only have a lackluster following in Guam.—primarily due to teams, coaches, and parent’s reluctance to play the sport year round— the WPS event looks to create its international popularity to increase the growth of the sport in in competition with other countries in 2015 and beyond.;” Bennett says.