Hopefuls pick up candidate packets for Yona mayor special election

Francisco Hiton, who previously launched an effort to recall the former mayor, said there's a lot of competition for the vacant position.

More than a half-dozen people picked up packets today for the Yona mayor special election.

This was the first day that candidates could pick up the forms after the Guam Election Commission last Thursday formally declared a vacancy following former mayor Jesse Blas’ decision to resign and plead guilty to one count of extortion.

Among those who picked up packets to replace him were Bill Quenga, Roque Eustaquio, Ethan Camacho, John Borja, and Francisco Hiton who previously launched an effort to recall the former mayor.

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“There’s a lot of competition,” Hiton said. When asked why people should vote for him, Hiton said: “We’ll, I’ve seen the problem in Yona that’s been arising since 12 years ago. I know what we need to get done in Yona. We need to serve the people. And we need equipment to do the job in Yona.”

Each candidate has to secure endorsements from at least 100 registered Yona voters and submit their completed application forms by Feb. 27.

The election commission submitted a special request to the legislature on Friday for supplemental funding of $27,000 to pay for the election which is set for Saturday, March 28.