Horizon Raises Fuel Surcharge 4.75%; Mirrors Matson’s Hike Last Friday


Guam – Four days after Matson raised its fuel surcharge for shipping to Guam, rival Horizon Lines has followed suit with a 4.75% hike in the fuel surcharge of its own.

Horizon’s hike takes effect February 27th. Maton’s fuel surcharge increase was also 4.75% and it takes effect on February 27th as well.

A statement announcing the increase says: “Horizon Lines will continue to closely monitor fuel costs and will adjust the Fuel Surcharge as trends warrant.”

Read the Horizon Bulletin announcing the fuel surcharge increase

That means that the fuel surcharge for service between the Mainland U.S. and Guam and the CNMI will climb to 28% from  23.25% now.


Horizon Lines Inc. and Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines will both raise their fuel surcharges for specific routes, with both taking effect Feb. 27.

Horizon Lines said in recent service bulletins that it will raise the fuel surcharge for service between Hawaii and the Mainland U.S. to 26.5 percent. That’s up 4.75 percentage points from its previous charge of 21.75 percent. Horizon also is raising the surcharge for service between the Mainland U.S. and Guam/CNMI to 28 percent, a 4.75 percentage point increase from the previous 23.25 percent charge. Horizon does not provide interisland shipping in Hawaii.

Pasha Hawaii also will increase its fuel surcharge from 21.75 percent to 26.5 percent, an increase of 4.75 percentage points. A spokesman for Pasha Hawaii told PBN that the increase will affect only shipping between Hawaii and San Diego and will not affect interisland shipping.

Horizon Lines’ and Pasha Hawaii’s surcharge increases match Matson Navigation Co.’s fuel surcharge increases announced last week; Matson’s new rates also will take effect Feb. 27.

Horizon Lines (NYSE: HRZ), headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., provides shipping between the Mainland U.S. and Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Micronesia and Puerto Rico.

Pasha Hawaii is a joint venture between California-based The Pasha Group and Hawaii Ship Management LLC, offering shipping services to the continental U.S. and interisland.