Hosei found guilty of rape at trial, faces minimum of 15 years


Vianney Nennis Hosei was found guilty Tuesday by a jury of one count of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a First Degree Felony and one count of Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a Second Degree Felony. He faces a minimum of 15 years imprisonment at the Department of Corrections (DOC).

The 16-year-old victim was at a BBQ when Hosei, Burton Borja, and Dwayne Piyelit sexually assaulted her and filmed it.

Borja and Piyelit previously pled guilty to Third Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a
Second Degree Felony and agreed to cooperate in the prosecution of Hosei, including
testifying against him at trial. The two men face one to eight years of incarceration at the DOC and will be sentenced at a future hearing.

Joleen-Lee Rankin previously pled guilty to Criminal Facilitation of Dissemination of Child Pornography as a Third Degree Felony for obtaining the footage from one of the men’s phones and distributing it on Facebook Messenger. She faces one to four years of incarceration at DOC and will also be sentenced at a future hearing.

Prosecuting Attorney Christine Tenorio said, “It has been a long journey for the victim in this case, but she stayed strong throughout this ordeal. I am glad the jury was able to focus on the truth of what happened that night without being distracted by the attempts made to blame the victim for this terrible crime. We will continue to fight for survivors, no matter how difficult the fight may be.”

“The People would also like to thank the Guam Police Department’s Domestic Assault
Response Team for their swift response in investigating this sexual assault and preventing further dissemination of the child pornography,” Tenorio added.

(AG Release)