Hospital Makes $250K Payment to GWA


However, the Guam Power Authority says they have not yet received a payment from GMH.

Guam – While the Guam Memorial Hospital was able to make a $250,000 payment today on their delinquent water bill, the Guam Power Authority says they haven’t received a dime.


GPA Spokesperson Art Perez says no payments were made by GMH today toward their outstanding power bill of about $540,000 and they could still face disconnection at the end of the month.

Guam Waterworks Spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf, however, says GMH did make a $250,000 payment today so their agreement will stand.

That agreement came at the eleventh hour yesterday and a water crisis was averted when Adelup officials were able to reach an agreement with both utility agencies that they would pay at least half of what’s due immediately and the remaining balance within three months.

Demand letters have been piling up at the cash-strapped hospital. GWA threatened to shut off water yesterday if payment wasn’t made by Wednesday.

GPA says the hospital has until the 29th to make a payment or their power will be cut off.

Governor’s Office Spokesperson Oyaol Ngirairikl did not respond to our request for comment as of news time.