Hospitalizations continue to rise at GMH; infant in ICU

Guam Memorial Hospital (PNC file photo)

The island’s hospitalization numbers are still increasing with Guam Memorial Hospital reporting 62 admitted patients as of Wednesday morning.

Lillian Perez-Posadas, the hospital’s administrator, says the numbers are just not letting up, with around 10 people showing up for COVID-related issues in the emergency room yesterday. And of those, five were admitted for treatment.

On the air with Newstalk K57, Perez-Posadas says of their latest numbers, 9 people are in the ICU and 4 are on a ventilator.

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“We also have one infant who is at the ICU level of care, the pediatric ICU level of care. So, yes, we continue to see individuals who need hospitalization from this COVID infection,” Perez-Posadas said.

The infant is 10-months-old.

The latest reported numbers also have 7 patients at GRMC and 4 at the Naval Hospital, meaning 73 total across the island being treated for COVID-related issues.

In a presentation late last week, the Governor’s physician team painted a grim picture of the current state of the virus on Guam, including the possibility of hitting 100 or more hospitalized by the end of this week.