Hospitalizations increase: 14 now at GMH after 2 discharged, 3 more admitted overnight

The old and dilapidated Guam Memorial Hospital will be replaced by a new hospital. (PNC file photo)

The hospitalization numbers on Guam are continuing to rise in the face of increasing COVID-19 cases.

As of Monday evening, Guam Memorial Hospital had 13 admitted patients for COVID-related treatment and monitoring; 4 were in the ICU Care 2 Ward taking up the majority of the 5 beds available.

Lillian Perez-Posadas confirmed with PNC News that as of Tuesday morning, 14 people were now admitted to GMH for virus-treatment. The hospital’s administrator said they discharged two(2) people Monday night and were down to 11 hospitalized, however three (3) more were admitted overnight and into the early morning, bringing the number up one to 14.

All three new patients are in the Care 3 ward, which is where stable patients are monitored and at most need additional oxygen through nasal tubes or masks; this is not as intensive as ICU care where ventilators are employed.

As it stands, the hospital has 4 ICU patients, one (1) of which is still the man in his 30s who’s been on a ventilator for over 3 weeks. Ten (10) people are in Care 3, using up more than half of the 17 available beds there.