Hotels contracted to serve as quarantine facilities; Pacific Star out

The Wyndham and Santa Fe hotels have been awarded contracts to serve as GovGuam quarantine facilities.

All of the people who were quarantined at the Pacific Star were moved out of that facility on Monday, May 18, and into either the Santa Fe or Wyndham Garden.

The two hotels have agreed to serve as quarantine facilities for GovGuam.

Unlike the earlier emergency arrangements for quarantine facilities, this time, the governor said, requests for interest were issued, offers were received, and the Guam General Services Agency awarded the contracts.

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“We went out and did the requests for interest and we got expressions of interest back from the Wyndham … and Santa Fe. So we will be using these facilities for quarantine. We decided not to use the Pacific Star because we didn’t really need that big volume,” the governor said.

Also, unlike the prior quarantine arrangements, GovGuam is not leasing the entire facilities. The rooms in each hotel are being leased individually.

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“Santa Fe is $93 dollars a night and that includes three meals and laundry services. For the Wyndham and the Days Inn, I’m informed that it is $110 dollars a night. If we needed to reserve rooms, I understand there is some fee attached to that. We’re not required to pay for all the rooms in the hotel. We’re only paying for the ones being occupied,” the governor said.

Members of the Guam National Guard will take over quarantine operations at both hotels.

GovGuam directors and employees who were previously assigned to the quarantine facilities have now returned to their respective agencies.

The Governor’s Press Secretary, Krystal Paco-San Agustin, later said that the administration is working to have the Days Inn serve as an isolation facility for COVID-19 positive cases. However, no contract has been awarded to the Days Inn for that purpose at this time.

“We’re working to procure an isolation facility,” said Paco-San Agustin. “Procurement for an isolation facility is (still) at GSA.”