‘House of cards’ will be closed

The House of Cards structure will be removed to enable the Department of Parks and Recreation to make use of the space.

The controversial “House of Cards” structure at the Liberation carnival grounds at the Paseo will be torn down.

Mayors Council of Guam President and Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares told the Patti Arroyo show on NewsTalk K57 that the House of Cards structure will be removed to enable the Department of Parks and Recreation to make use of the space.

Savares said the organizations that were using the structure before the Liberation carnival, such as the Hurao Academy, will no longer be allowed to use the House of Cards space or structure.

She said the MCOG is just giving the various organizations that used the structure enough time to remove their things before it will be torn down. The mayor added that the organizations have already been informed that they won’t be able to use the structure even for storage purposes.

“From what I heard from our last meeting … it is going to be removed. The different organizations that were using it would have to get all of the things that they have used and have stored……that would be taken down,” Savares said.

Department of Parks and Recreation director Richard Ibanez also called in, confirming that DPR will be taking over the space to increase the area available for recreational activities. Ibanez added that the trash in the carnival grounds area has already been cleared with the help of the Mayors Council of Guam.

“We’d love to have more space for recreational activities. As you know, the whole Paseo, we have runners. We have people who exercise. We have cultural dancers who come here. We have yoga. We have Zumba…everything. I know we need space. You know, Paseo is being utilized by everybody,” Ybanez said.

The House of Cards became controversial after it became a symbol of the debate over whether to allow gambling in the Liberation carnival.There is no indication whether the decision to tear down the structure means that the Mayors Council will no longer allow gambling in next year’s Liberation carnival. Savares did say in a previous interview that she was personally in favor of bringing back gambling next year.


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