House, Senate expand radiation exposure compensation


Companion Bills H.R. 5338 in the House and S. 2798 in the Senate, expanding the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA) have been introduced today, according to original co-sponsor Congressman Michael San Nicolas.

As companion bills, San Nicolas said both pieces of legislation are able to move through both chambers of Congress simultaneously, enhancing and expediting its chance of passage.

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Of note, San Nicolas said the bills expand RECA to include Guam, which upon enactment would provide a one-time benefit to “Downwinders” of $150,000 as persons who were present in one of the specified areas near nuclear weapons Test Sites during a period of atmospheric testing and developed one of the types of cancers specified in the statute.

“Cancer has touched every family on Guam in some way, with our local community organization PARS advocating for downwinder recognition for many years,” said Congressman San Nicolas. “We are honored to be a part of the dual Chamber effort to expand RECA and include those on Guam who suffered from the cancers associated with exposure, it is both just and necessary that we do so, and we will continue to apprise the people as the measures progress,” he added.