How does the governor unwind from her stressful job? Her answers may surprise you

Governor Lou Leon Guerrero (PNC file photo)

Have you ever wondered how Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero unwinds from her very stressful job?

Well, this was precisely one of the questions asked during the governor’s recent address before the Guam Chamber of Commerce’s general membership meeting.

According to the governor, one of her favorite methods of relaxation, believe it or not, is through cooking.

“Okay, my secret is this. When I go home … and Jeff will say this isn’t correct … but I do cook dinner. That makes me feel more relaxed. I turn off the TV news, I don’t listen to the radio … it’s just me and the food that I’m cooking … that is one of the ways that I try to wind down,” Leon Guerrero said.

Although she turns off the TV so as not to watch the news, the governor said she does watch TV to catch her favorite television shows although she doesn’t mention which shows specifically.

The governor also likes to play games on her smartphone to help her relax and she’s particularly partial to Word Blitz, a word game where you can face off against your friends and other players.

“Of course, I also watch my favorite TVs. I zone out, that’s really what I do and I discovered playing games on my iPhone, like I play Word Blitz. That’s my way of zoning out. You know it’s my life right there when I’m playing and Solitaire,” Leon Guerrero said.

Of course, the governor made it a point to mention that she doesn’t play during working hours, just to answer the inevitable question from her critics and the smart alecks out there.

“I don’t play it in the workplace, okay? I just want to make sure that you know that I do not use government time to play Word Blitz,” the governor said.