How will military members on Guam get their one-time Coronavirus stimulus payments?

(US Department of Defense)

With so many Active-Duty military members on Guam, and many generally in between addresses and stations, the Department of Defense is working on plans for members to receive their one-time Coronavirus stimulus payments.

A DoD official told PNC News, that as of now, AD military members will be receiving the payment to the bank account linked with their most recent tax filing, which is likely, “where they normally receive their regular bi-monthly pay.”

This means that if they’re set up for direct-deposit, the payment will likely be directly deposited into their accounts, according to the DoD spokesperson.

DoD said there could be some some outliers, for example, if a couple received their tax return in the non-military spouse bank account, then that’s where they should receive it.

The one-time payments are being done in waves, according to the DoD spokesperson, meaning military members will be receiving their stimulus payments at varying times.

DoD said any plans connected with the one-time Economic Impact Payments are ultimately up to the U.S. Treasury to approve. However, military pay systems are automated and already have channels that communicate directly with the I.R.S., which make direct-deposit the most efficient means to pay Active Duty members around the world.

As of Friday April 10, the U.S. Treasury had not yet begun doling out the economic stimulus payments to any residents on Guam.