HPV Immunization coming to a high school near you


Since January of last year Guam Cancer Care has provided an HPV Vaccination and school-based immunization program. PNC spoke to Guam Cancer Care outreach coordinator Rhythm Blas to find out more about this program.

“With our school based immunization program this is access to free immunization within your own school. So it minimizes the efforts to have to host these during the summer time and having to turn away thousands of people,” Blas said.

According to a press release, an approximate 1,100 shots have been issued since the program started. However, due to the large amount of demand during summer clinics, which led to some potential recipients being turned away, Guam Cancer Care introduced the idea of a school direct vaccination program. According to Rhythm, Guam Cancer Care is set to host the program for the first time in the 2018-2019 school year.

“Next Tuesday is our first school, it will be George Washington High School January 15,” said Blas, “what we wish to stress to our community member is that this clinic is free to students that are eligible. There’s no insurance, medicaid or MIP needed. But the school nurses will not administer any shots with parental consent so students will be sent home with a consent form.”