HUD approves GHURA’s application as a state housing finance agency


The Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority has announced that their application to serve as the State Housing Finance Agency for housing counseling has been approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

This approval is effective starting June 19, and covers a one-year period.

GHURA is approved to provide the following Comprehensive Housing Counseling Services for the territory:

• Homeless Prevention Counseling and Education Workshops
• Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Counseling and Education Workshops
• Rental Housing Counseling and Education Workshops
• Mortgage Delinquency Post-Purchase Counseling and Education Workshops
• Non-Delinquency Post-Purchase Counseling and Education Workshops
• Fair Housing Workshops
• Financial Literacy Workshops
• Predatory Lending Workshops

“We are elated that our application to serve as the Territory’s State Housing Finance Agency has been approved by HUD,” said GHURA Executive Director Ray Topasna in a news release.

GHURA is now eligible for federal funding under the FY 20 Comprehensive Housing Counseling Notice of Funding Availability.

The timing is “particularly critical” said Topasna because the approval comes as the Leon Guerrero administration seeks funds to launch its plans to prevent homelessness as a result of the pandemic.

“It’s more work for us,” said Topasna “but my team is always looking for more federal monies to help our economy rebound.”