GHURA Gets $1.3M From HUD to Help Improve Island’s Public Housing Stock


Guam – The Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority [GHURA] will be receiving a $1.3 million dollars slice of a Federal HUD award of $1.9 billion to the state’s and territories to improve and preserve housing stock.

According to a HUD release, GHURA will receive $1,317,717.

See the award amount for Guam & other states and territories HERE

The awards were announced Tuesday in Washington by HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan who said the money will allow GHURA and other housing authorities throughout the nation “to make major large-scale improvements to their public housing units.  View a full list of public housing authorities receiving funding.”

READ the award anouncment HERE

HUD’s Capital Fund Program provides annual funding to all public housing authorities to build, repair, renovate and/or modernize the public housing in their communities. This funding can be used to make large-scale improvements such as new roofs and to make energy-efficient upgrades to replace old plumbing and electrical systems.