Huge turnout for school staff vaccination

COVID-19 vaccination (GRMC file photo)

Last Saturday, there was a huge turnout for the first vaccination day for teachers and school staff as well as the continuation of the 60 years and older vaccination at the Okkodo vaccination clinic.

As early as 4:45 am Saturday morning at Guam Regional Medical City, teachers and school staff could already be seen lining up for the Pfizer vaccine.

There were a total of 605 teachers and staff members accounted for from the northern, central, and a few from the private schools.

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Public Health spokesperson Janela Carrera said: “We’re very grateful to GRMC for that partnership. Without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to do that alone. That same day, we had a vaccination clinic here at Okkodo High School and we did, I believe, over vaccinations as well. In one day alone, we did over 1,200 vaccine doses! So it was a really great day,” Carrera said.

She added: “We’ve been talking about it for weeks, getting our teachers vaccinated and we were able to do it, thanks to GRMC.”

According to Carrera, this is the most number of distributions of the COVID-19 vaccines GRMC did in a day alone, but both places continued to run smoothly despite the large turnouts.

At Okkodo, they were able to distribute over 600 vaccine distributions before 1 pm and GRMC in the early afternoon.

Carrera felt that being fully staffed also helped a great deal in facilitating the distributions. Both places were fully staffed and even had volunteer dentists offer services to administer the vaccines at the Okkodo clinic.

Public Health plans to have another vaccination schedule set for the teachers and school staff with more focus on the central and southern schools.

Additionally, Carrera adds that for those who fall under Phases 1A to the recent phase, and haven’t had their first dose or second dose of the vaccine, they are more than welcome to stop on by to any of the vaccination days scheduled for this week.