Human remains, cultural artifacts found in Tumon hotel renovation site

Guam State Historic Preservation Officer Patrick Lujan (PNC file photo)

During recent upgrades and renovation at Crowne Plaza Resort Guam, (formerly Fiesta
Resort Guam), some cultural artifacts and human remains were uncovered when
removing swimming pools originally built in the early 1970s.

Work was immediately halted to allow the State Historic Preservation Office and contracted archaeological firm to examine the site.

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At this time, the Crowne Plaza Resort Guam is fully cooperating with the SHPO to follow
protocols and guidelines for the proper and respectful handling of the cultural resources
found. Those processes include monitoring, data recovery, and preservation in place, if
conceivably possible.

A memorial respecting the remains uncovered in previous work on the property grounds was built in 2010 and is maintained on-site.

“Our company has tremendous cultural respect and reverence for the ancient CHamoru
remains and artifacts in their traditional resting place on Tumon. We are keenly sensitive to the care entrusted to us as the current residents of this beautiful beachfront
property,” Shelly Gibson, Government Affairs Manager of Tan Holdings Guam said.

“We are well aware of the ancient CHamoru community of Tumhom (Tumon),” said
State Historic Preservation Officer Patrick Lujan. “In the early 70s, Guam didn’t have
the historic preservation laws that it has today, so unearthing ancient artifacts and
human remains from older projects such as this is not a surprise. Hence, the need for
continued archeological monitoring for highly-sensitive parts of our island, particularly in
Tumon. We are glad that the property owner feels the sense of respect for our
ancestors and will work with us to do what is right.”