Hundreds line up for once-a-year DFS Fukubukuro discount event


Guam – The start of the new year wasn’t the only thing being celebrated Tuesday as shoppers tried their new year luck with the Japanese custom Fukubukuro.

Fukubukuro is a Japanese New Year tradition in which retailers put together lucky grab bags filled with items that are sold at deep discounts.

Here on Guam, the annual tradition is celebrated at DFS T Galleria where hundreds of people line up for a chance at this once a year experience—and yes, it is quite an experience.

T Galleria General Manager Renee Chisolm says the custom has been celebrated on Guam at DFS for as long as the shopping center has been around with an all-day event for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s a traditional Japanese culture event but the great thing is that everyone gets to enjoy it,” explains Chisolm. “We have Korean, Russian customers, Filipinos– it’s something for everyone.

“We don’t just want you to come in and make the purchase of the box and then go, we want you to have the full island experience, so we’ll have music, we’ll have basket weaving, we have cultural dancers, we have dj’s down in fashion and in beauty and we also have things throughout the day as well,” she adds.

DFS prepared 1,500 boxes for the Fukubukuro event with luxury items that were discounted by as much as 70 percent.