Over 800 samples collected at COVID-19 community testing in Mangilao

Community COVID-19 testing. (PNC file photo)

Over 800 samples were collected from the COVID-19 testing clinic at the Mangilao Senior Center Tuesday – the Island’s largest single day sample collection.

The lines started long before the clinic opened. The drive-thru and walk-up swabbing clinic ran from 9 a.m. to noon but people were lined up as early as 6:30 this morning to get their PCR tests.

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Officials say they had to cut the drive-thru line off at around 11:15 a.m. and by noon, they still had around 200 or so cars left in line, wrapping all the way past the Guam Community College.

Residents waiting to get tested today say that with the recent spike in cases, they just want peace of mind.

“We just wanted to make sure that we’re not positive and we visited some of those 30 places (that the COVID-positive deployed Air National Guard Airmen visited)…and for work also… those types of things just to make sure,” Yvette said.

John and Rose said: “The family just got scared that we haven’t been tested and we’re taking chances. So you know, this second pandemic that came out really scared us, so I got the whole family here.”

Natalia said: “And to it provides a clear conscience too … knowing that I can be around my family and friends and you know, be healthy.”

The Department of Public Health and Social Services says they have generally seen more people coming out to get tested.

Bertha Taijeron, DPHSS liaison officer, said: “Our lab has been working really hard. As a matter of fact, they worked over the weekend to try to get all those test results.”

She added: “They are going to prepare again to get these results in. Once they’re done, they’ll be delivered to the lab. And, hopefully, we can get the results if not by tonight, then by tomorrow.”

Krystal Paco San Agustin, the Governor’s Press Secretary, says with new cases popping up, the team at public health is now prioritizing contact investigations and testing those individuals.

Over the weekend, the governor said new cases are not appearing in clusters, but rather in a series of random patients, which is cause for concern.

The next round of community outreach to test for COVID-19 will be held this Thursday July 2 from 9am-12pm at the Yigo Gym.