Hundreds make trek up Mt. Jumullong Manglo


Guam – The annual trek up Mount Jumullong Manglo was wet and muddy for some but that didn’t stop hundreds from making the climb in honor of Good Friday.

Several people woke up extra early this morning to make the trek up the mountain. Although the ground may have been wet and muddy, several hikers were seen braving their way through the rainy weather. Once at the top of the mountain, hikers are treated to breathtaking views of Cetti Bay and the sunrise over Fena Lake. The climb up the Umatac mountain is about 1,280 feet.

The tradition has been around for several decades and is traditionally held on Good Friday to observe the last Friday of Lent where people can be seen carrying a cross as a reenactment of the passion of Christ.

For some it’s a form of penance, sacrifice or a symbol of their devotion to their faith.