Hungry burglar scares homeowner, takes off with can of spam

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A young woman awoke to a burglar at her home stealing food from her outside kitchen.

Guam – It’s an unusual case. At first glance it may appear to have been just another burglar trying to make off with stolen property but in this case it seems that the burglar was just hungry.

Imagine waking up to an intruder on your property. That’s what happened to a young woman and her father on Monday evening.

According to court documents, the young woman woke up and went to their outside kitchen where she discovered a shirtless man with long hair standing with a knife in his hand and food in the other.

The girl’s screams woke her father who chased the man, identified by police as Tayboi DK, who then entered the victim’s vehicle before fleeing on foot.

Police were immediately called and upon arrival they discovered DK emerging from the jungle. On him police found a set of keys belonging to the victims. Police say that the keys were taken from inside the home.

This is where it gets interesting. During the investigation, police discovered an unopened can of spam in the passenger seat of the victim’s car which DK had entered. DK was questioned by police and admitted to taking the victim’s keys.

He was charged with home invasion, burglary, attempted theft of property and criminal trespass. DK was booked and confined.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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