“Hurt us and we will force you to grow old in prison” – AG Doug Moylan


“I say to the criminals, think twice under an AG Moylan’s administration. Follow our laws like the rest of us – or suffer the consequences, hurt us and we will force you to grow old in prison.”

Said returning Attorney General, Doug Moylan, during his inauguration speech yesterday.

The first AG of Guam is back in the seat – and is now the 6th elected Attorney General following a narrow race against Leevin Camacho.

In his speech – Moylan said that, in an effort to reduce victims of crim, his administration will adopt the doctrine of, “protect and punish to deter.”

Further saying that Guam’s tourism economy cannot afford “the lasting scars criminals inflict upon us.”

Following Moylan’s swear in to office – a new question is now up in the air, who is his Chief Prosecutor?

Sources told PNC that it is James Spivey – who was recently brought in from retirement from the Philippines.

The Guam Bar’s website also reflects this – showing that Spivey is the Acting Chief Prosecutor under the Guam Attorney General, and a member since January 1st of this year.

Sources also say that Spivey resigned after one day on the job .

PNC reached out to both Moylan and Spivey regarding the position but none was given as of news time.

This story is developing

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