IBTF: PIC Adopts a Stretch of San Vitores


Tumon, Guam – The Pacific Islands Club adopted a stretch of San Vitores Road last Friday as part of the Island Beautfication Task Force’s [IBTF] ongoing “Roadway Adoption Program.”

The stretch of San Vitores adopted by the PIC begins at the Proa restaurant intersection and runs through the intersection of Route 14A (JFK Hills). The PIC is the 21st organization to participate in the program which was launched in February of this year. 

IBTF’s Roadway Adoption Program encourages businesses, organizations and individuals to adopt a stretch of roadway and help keep it clean for a 2-year period, or more. 

For more information on how you can get involved with IBTF programs and projects like these feel free to call us at 475-9380, email us at lt.ibtf@guam.gov or visit our facebook at facebook.com/guamibtf, and/or our website at www.guamibtf.com

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