IBTF: UOG Sea Grant Program Adopts Stretch of Route 10


Mangilao, Guam –  On Wednesday, February 13th,  UOG Sea Grant’s adopted a stretch of road on the Vietnam Veteran’s Highway,  Route 10, beginning in front of the Celebrity Bakery and ending at the Route 4 intersection.



UOG Sea Grant’s commited to keeping that stretch of  road clean and free of trash in partnership with the Islandwide Beautification Task Force [IBTF].

The sign unveiling is part of the IBTF’s Roadway Adoption Program under the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

The program seeks out members of the community –whether it be a business, an organization, or an individual–to adopt (clean and maintain) a length of road for a two-year period or more. 

For more information on how you can get involved with IBTF programs and projects like these, feel free to call us at 475-9380, email us at lt.ibtf@guam.gov, and/or visit our facebook at facebook.com/guamibtf, and/or our website at www.guamibtf.com

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