IBTF: Verona Resort Adopts a Roadway


Tumon, Guam – (Thursday, November 7th) – The partnership between the Islandwide Beautification Task Force (IBTF) and Verona Resort and Spa was officially made at Verona’s roadway adoption unveiling ceremony today.


The sign unveiling is part of the IBTF’s Roadway Adoption Program under the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. The program seeks out members of the community –whether it be a business, an organization, or an individual–to adopt (clean and maintain) a length of road for a two-year period or more.

Verona’s adopted road is located on Rt. 14-A Tumon Bay road, aslo known as the JFK hill. Beginnings at the Rt.1 intersection in from Kmart, the adoption ends at the bottom of the hill. Verona’s commitment to beautify Guam is something to be proud of. Here is yet another public display of their character as good corporate citizens. Thank You Verona Resort and Spa!

[L-R:  David Su, Sen. Tina Muna-Barnes, Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio, Vice Mayor Ken Santos, Attorney Naoko G. Shimizu]

Back left to right: Michael Torres, John Blas, Alex Gagaring, Lloyd Cubacub]

For more information on how you can get involved with IBTF programs and projects like these, feel free to call us at 475-9380, email us at lt.ibtf@guam.gov, and/or visit our facebook at facebook.com/guamibtf, and/or our website at www.guamibtf.com

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