If You Missed the IMA’s, We Got You Covered


The event featured the best of Guam’s local musicians.

Guam –  The Island’s premier local talent and their fans gathered at the Lotte ballroom to celebrate local music. The award ceremony started with a moment of silence for fallen officer and local musician, Elbert Piolo. The ceremony kicked off with performances from best cover band winner ‘friends with instruments’ and the peoples choice award winner ‘pop, rocks and soda’. ‘Prominence’ won the first award of the night for best dance band. Other winners include ‘Inenton Gef Pago’ for best cultural dance band and flinched took home best rock band. Chris Boomer won best male performer and Ell Taitague won best female performer. This years island icon awards went to Rose Certeza and Jesse and Ruby. For the full list of winners, you can visit guamima.com. The full show will be aired in broadcast at an announced date, stay tuned for the details.



  1. I know local artists aren’t going to like this but I don’t really care for today’s local music. The only local music I care to listen to are the really talented groups like The Kasuals, Johnny Sablan, Flora Baza Quan and J.D. Crutch. Listening to the children of these individuals try and sing their parents hit songs just doesn’t compare to the originals. It’s kind of like watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory instead of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. Cheap imitation if you ask me.

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