iLearn Academy Charter School Opens its Doors


iLearn Academy Charter School opens its doors and welcomes the 2022 school year.

After more than a year of construction along with time for planning, the first charter school in the Island opened its doors today, in advance of the new school year.

The new school will provide STEM-oriented education to children from kindergarten to 5th grade with a capacity of up to 900 students.

Featuring a modern facility that consists of 68,000 square feet with fully equipped classrooms, a gymnasium, and a cafeteria that will be home to an estimated 700 students this new school year.

The Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority (GHURA) helped secure the funding for the construction, which had over 30 million financing through the CDBG Section 108 program.

Rachel Stake, Chief Academic Officer for the iLearn Academy Charter School said, “We really have come a long way from the time we first opened with the iLearn family. The iLearn family has continued to grow. Where we started with 136 students and a staff of 9, we are now at 740 students and a staff of 51.”