Illegal Dump Found in Nimitz Hill


Guam – In Nimitz Hill PNC has found what appears to be an illegal dump site on GovGuam property.

Guam Power Authority crews were clearing GovGuam property along power lines that run behind private property, that Todu Mauleg President Robert baker says is owned by his mother.

GPA spokesman Art Perez confirms their crews were clearing vegetation along what is known as “one fifteen” lines. While clearing, GPA crews unearthed what appears to be an illegal mini-dump that is directly above the Masso river.

The Masso river drains out into what is known as the Masso reservoir an area that the Department of Agrigulture hopes to turn into a recreational fishing park.

PNC found all sorts of trash ranging from metallic waste, to various chemicals and cleaning agents like hydrochloric acid. Guam EPA Director Ivan Quinata was not aware of the site but after PNC contacted him he said he would be sending his inspectors there as soon as possible.