Illegal trash continues in Mangilao; mayor looks for alternative solutions

Staff and volunteers last week picked up various amounts of illegally dumped items that were blocking Mangilao's roads, including the access to Marbo cave.

Last week, PNC aired a story about the cleanup at an illegal dumpsite at the Marbo Cave area. Today, the Mangilao mayor again found trash on the site, prompting him to speak out about possible solutions.

Mangliao mayor Allan Ungacta says that with Keptco, the company that’s constructing a solar farm near Marbo Cave, their lights and other security measures could help stop the illegal dumping.

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“The solution is if there’s a CCTV camera in the area, that’s going to help and it’s also going to be beneficial to the community. With them installing it and more lighting around the area, I’m hoping it’ll deter some of the illegal trash activities,” the mayor said.

The other solutions Mayor Ungacta suggests would be more enforcement and education of the harms of illegal dumping through media.