Ilocano Association of Guam And GHURA Break Ground on Community Center


Guam – With the help of the Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority the Ilocano Association of Guam will be able to complete development of a neighborhood multipurpose facility to serve Macheche and neighboring communities.


The governor, GHURA Administrator Marcel Camacho and members of the Ilocano Association of Guam broke ground this morning on the new facility. 1st Vice-President of the Ilocano Association of Guam Imelda Gines says that her association has worked on building this community center for nearly half a century. The center will have a small conference room, training room, large activity room and a basketball court. “It was during the presidency of Mr. Gines, Bernardo that the grant writing was done we applied for the grant writing and it was approved by GHURA and so we now have this building that will be put up,” said Gines.

While the property belongs to the Ilocano association the $800 thousand dollar project is being funded through the U.S. HUD’s community development block grant program. It should be completed in about 8 months.