Imagine Guam Project Hopes to Build a Better Guam in 50 Years


What is a vision is what they hope to be reality in 50 years. 

Guam – “Made by Guam. Made for Guam. Made in Guam.” That’s the vision the Governor’s Office shared with the community at the Western Pacific Conference on Public Administration and Policy Solution earlier this afternoon. 

What is Imagine Guam? It’s a community project launched last November that will review Guam’s current condition and develop goals for Guam in the next 50 years. The Imagine Guam team is comprised of a variety of experts in the community ranging from arts to business and they will look into core values, such as the Chamorro language, cultural values, natural resources, and heritage just to name a few. Basically, the island’s creative minds meet to envision and implement ideas that plan to enhance the island’s community development by 2065. They ask questions such as ‘Will Tumon remain in the heart of the tourism district? How much of our daily lives will include the Chamorro language? and What careers and industries do we need our education system to prepare our students for?’.
Troy Torres from the Governor’s Office compared the ancient Chamorro society to the modern Guam. He says, “How many of us look at that depiction of Chamorro society and see navigators, astronomers, educators, poets, philosophers. This is thousands of years ago but they’re masters of their own destiny. The people of Guam had to be because they had to move forward as an island. So we had to rely on our own ingenuity and creativity, our commitment to progress and excellence if you want to survive in a world that’s fast moving What is the difference between then and now?”
For more information on Imagine Guam, follow them on their Facebook page.